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Posted by Admin Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Movie Name:- The Man with the Iron Fists   

Release Date:- 2 November 2012 (USA)

Directed By:- RZA

Genres/Category:- Action

Screenwriter :- Eli Roth | RZA

Produced by:-  Eli Roth | Marc Abraham | Eric Newman

Running time:- 96 Minutes

Star Cast:- Russell Crowe, Cung Le and Lucy Liu

IMDB Rating:- 7.8

The Man with the Iron Fists Movie Plot:- The Man with the Iron Fists is an action film co-written and directed by RZA. Story of  the film is set up in the 19th century in China where the warriors , assassins and a lonely hero all have to unite together in order to save the clan from the  traitor who is on the his way to destroy them all. Watch The Man with the Iron Fists online and see how the town's blacksmith (RZA) is forced to make weapons of death by a clan traitor who now wants to destroy the whole people. Since the blacksmith has arrived in the village in China he is being forced by the revolutionary tribal factions to make weapons of deaths which can destroy the whole clan. Now the threat is upon the villagers and in order to save his clan and village he must reunite with assassins and warriors to do this. He transforms himself into a human weapon through an ancient energy transformation. The fight is among himself where he has to fight in order to become the savior for this villagers from those traitors and his weapons of destruction which are coming to destroy the whole clan. Download The Man with the Iron Fists and find how the blacksmith with his union with assassins and warriors tries to save the village and his people from their enemy.

In the nineteenth century China, a person The Blacksmith turns into a living due to some flow of living energy in himself and was forced to create weapons of death for a small village. But a strange traitor then joins the enemy and threatens to destroy the village with powerful forces on his side. Then The Blacksmith joins forces with the village and assassins in order to protect village.

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Country:- USA

Language:- English

Distributed by:- Universal Pictures

Studio:- Strike Entertainment | Arcade Pictures