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Watch Iron Man 3 Online full Streaming Quality

Posted by Admin Saturday, 27 April 2013

Movie Name:- Iron Man 3

Release Date:-  3 May 2013 (USA)

Director:- Shane Black

Produced by:- Kevin Feige

Writers:- Drew Pearce | Shane Black

Runtime:- 130 Min

Category / Genres:- Action | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Starring:- Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Rebecca Hall, Guy Pearce, Ben Kingsley, Paul Bettany, Don Cheadle, Jon Favreau, William Sadler

imdb Rating:- 8.1

Movie Plot:- Marvel's "Iron Man 3" pits brash-but-brilliant industrialist Tony Stark/Iron Man against an enemy whose reach knows no bounds. When Stark finds his personal world destroyed at his enemy's hands, he embarks on a harrowing quest to find those responsible. This journey, at every turn, will test his mettle. With his back against the wall, Stark is left to survive by his own devices, relying on his ingenuity and instincts to protect those closest to him. As he fights his way back, Stark discovers the answer to the question that has secretly haunted him: does the man make the suit or does the suit make the man?

Country:- United States

Language:- English

Production Company:-  Marvel Studios, Paramount Pictures

Budget:- $200 million

Distributed by:- Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Studio:- Marvel Studios | DMG Entertainment

Watch Straw Dogs Online full Streaming Quality

Posted by Admin Friday, 19 April 2013

Movie Name:- Straw Dogs

Release Date:- 21 October 2011

Director:- Rod Lurie

Produced by:- Rod Lurie, Marc Frydman

Writers:- Rod Lurie, David Zelag Goodman

Runtime:- 110 Min

Category / Genres:- Thriller

Starring:- James Marsden, Kate Bosworth, Alexander Skarsgård, James Woods, Dominic Purcell, Dominic Purcell, Billy Lush, Laz Alonso, Willa Holland, Walton Goggins, Anson Mount, Drew Powell, Kristen Shaw, Megan Adelle, Jessica Cook,

imdb Rating:- 0

Straw Dogs Movie Plot:- Los Angeles screenwriter David Sumner (James Marsden) and his wife, Amy (Kate Bosworth), move back to Amy's hometown in the Deep South. Tensions begin to rise between the two of them as they face increasing conflict with the locals (Alexander Skarsgård, Walton Goggins), and everything comes to a violent turn.

Country:- USA

Language:- English

Production Company:- Screen Gems, Battleplan Productions

Budget:- $12,500,000 (estimated)

Distributed by:- Screen Gems

Studio:- Battleplan Productions

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Movie Name:- Jane's Journey

Release Date:- 2 Sepember 2011

Director:- Lorenz Knauer

Writer:- Lorenz Knauer

Category/ Genres:- Biography, Documentary

Run Time:- 107 Min

Star Cast:- Angelina Jolie, Pierce Brosnan, Jane Goodall, Kofi Annan, Hugo Eric Louis van Lawick, Hugo Van Lawick, Merlin van Lawick, Jane Goodall, Jane Goodall, Dale Peterson, Dale Peterson, Patricia Hamond, Michael Aisner, Tom Mangelsen, Anthony Collins,

IMDB Rating:- 6

Official Website:-

Jane's Journey Movie Plot:- More than 20 years ago, Dr. Jane Goodall, now 75, decided to give up her career as a primatologist, as well as her private life, in order to devote all her energy to saving our endangered planet. Since then she's been spending 300 days a year scouring the globe on her mission to spread hope for future generations. She has taken on the responsibilities of a UN Messenger of Peace, and has been honored with countless awards. In Jane's Journey, we accompany her on her travels across several continents, and receive unprecedented access to her intense and exciting past. From her childhood home in Bournemouth, England, we embark to Gombe National Park on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, in Tanzania, her second home. It's where she began her groundbreaking research nearly half a century ago, and she still returns every year to enjoy the company of the chimpanzees that made her the internationally.

Country:- Germany, Tanzania

Language:- English

Production Company:- Animal Planet, CC Medien, NEOS Film

Studio:- First Run Features

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Movie Name:- Think Like a Man

Release Date:- 20 April 2012 (USA)

Directed By:- Tim Story

Produced By:- Glenn S. Gainor

Genres / Category:- Comedy

Written by:- Steve Harvey, Keith Merryman

Running time:- N/R Minutes

IMDB Rating:- 4.4

Starring:- Zac Efron, Taylor Schilling, Blythe Danner, Jay R. Ferguson,Riley Thomas Stewart, Joe Chrest, Adam LeFevre.

Official Website:-

Think Like a Man Movie Plot:- This movie motivates everyone to think like a man, and to act like a woman so that a new twist and turns can be experienced in conventional love relationships. Steve Harvey is the name that has inspired the director to shape this realistically gripping story. The movie is all about using head after falling in love, which usually doesn’t happen.

The movie presents the saga of quartet of diverse men whose lives changes completely when they come across the women of their dreams. Like any relationship, at first they experience the best in their relationship but soon they realize things are going against them. The reason behind is nothing else but Steve Harvey’s book that advices a partner to think wisely before doing anything for the sake of love. The men take a decision to turn things for their benefits and start using their intellect to teach them a lesson.

Will the relationship advices of the Steve help the girls to woo their men? Watch Think Like A Man online to find out what happens next! The proximity of their relationship are at stake while the quartet is all set to teach a lesson to the gang of girls. Download Think Like A Man to witness how the stream of different acts make their lives dramatically different.

ot. Think Like a Man is a film follows the lives of four men and their lives are interconnected. The film is like a fresh breeze of comedy based on a renowned book, Act like a lady, Think like a Man by Steve Harvey. Women always desire to have that perfect relationship with men and they leave no stone unturned to control the minds of men. As they say if you want to control or want to know something then you will have to think like them and this is what the book is teaching the ladies. The four ladies are being pursued by the men I was talking about, download Think Like a Man and find out if the ladies would know the secrets. The title of the film clearly says that one has to have the perception of a man in order to truly understand them inside out. The four guys are very happy in their relationships but things become bizarre when the ladies start acting weird and their ways are becoming difficult for them to handle. The ladies have found a book named Act like a lady, Think like a Man by a man called Steve Harvey. The women love the book as they read it together and take it to heart. They start to live the book by applying each and everything that is written in it. But it starts to become difficult for their relationships as their significant others come to know that the reason behind the unusual behavior of the ladies is because of the book. They decide to give it back to them and then start a very different story. Watch Think Like a Man online and enjoy this comedy film.

Country:- USA

Language:- English

Production Company:-
Screen Gems, Rainforest Films

Studio:- Screen Gems, Rainforest Films

Distributed by:-

Movie Name:- The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Release Date:- 16 November 2012 (USA)

Directed By:-  Bill Condon

Genres/Category:- Adventure | Drama | Fantasy | Romance

Screenwriter :- Melissa Rosenberg | Stephenie Meyer

Produced by:-  Wyck Godfrey | Karen Rosenfelt | Stephenie Meyer

Running time:- 115 Minutes

Star Cast:- Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Dakota Fanning, Taylor Lautner, Michael Sheen, Ashley Greene, Anna Kendrick, Jackson Rathbone, Maggie Grace, Nikki Reed, Peter Facinelli, Kellan Lutz, Billy Burke, Elizabeth Reaser, Lee Pace

IMDB Rating:- 5.2

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Movie Plot:- The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2’ is the last installment in the Twilight franchise directed by Bill Condon. His films are based on the  hit novel series of Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. This film focuses on the fight between the Cullens and Volturi where Cullens make allies in order tofight with their enemies who want to destroy them. Watch The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 Online and see Bella ( Kristen Stewart) who starts her new life as a vampire when her life was saved by Edward Cullen after childbirth ( Robert Pattinson). Not only Bella begins her life as a vampire, but also tries to be a good mother to her daughter Renesmee. Denali Coven's member Irina mistakenly thinks Renesmee, a human infant has been transformed into an immortal vampire after being bitten by the Volturi. For Cullens, this is betrayal and they are all set to destroy them. Cullens have to make allies in order to fight with their enemies who are coming to destroy them. For this, the Cullens try to make foreign allies that includes vampires, clans etc. Download The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 and see the battle that will occur between the Cullens and their enemies. Cullens, with the help from their allies will try to prove their innocence to Volturi in this last installment of Twilight franchise.

Bella now is a vampire and she has a daughter Renesmee with Edward, she is enjoying her life fully with Edward, Jacob and the Cullen family. But vampire Irina tells Volturi that she can be the one that will challenge the power of Volturi, so they decide to annihilate Renesmee. Now again the whole Cullen family is standing in front of Volturi along with were-wolves as allies to protect their family.

Bella has given birth to a girl and soon she dies. Now the enemies were after her child’s life because the baby had her mother’s supernatural powers and they were trying to kill her. But when they attacked her, they get to know that someone is protecting her. Her mother’s friend was trying to keep her safe from enemies. He tried to gather his other clans who are also vampires.  But the opposition made plan to kill the baby while protectors were with strong determination to save the baby. This made a state of war between them. Will the protector be able to save the child from enemies or not? 

Official Website:-

Country:- USA

Language:- English

Distributed by:- Summit Entertainment

Studio:- Lionsgate, Summit Entertainment

Watch Skyfall Online full Streaming Quality

Posted by Admin Friday, 9 November 2012

Movie Name:- Skyfall

Release Date:- 9 November 2012 (USA)

Directed By:-  Sam Mendes

Genres/Category:- Action | Adventure | Crime | Thriller

Screenwriter :- Neal Purvis, Robert Wade

Produced by:-  Michael G. Wilson | Barbara Broccoli

Running time:- 143 Minutes

Star Cast:- Daniel Craig, Helen McCrory and Javier Bardem

IMDB Rating:- 8.1

Skyfall Movie Plot:- Skyfall is the 23rd installment in the James Bond Franchise which is directed by Same Mendes ( Academy Award Winner). Daniel Craig is playing the role of James Bond once again in this installment. Watch Skyfall online and see the loyalty of James Bond (Daniel Craig) towards agent M (Judi Dench) put on the test, when someone from the past of the agent M  comes and haunts her back again. MI6 operative agent has been killed in Turkey and hard drive from him which has names of secret agents working in terrorist organization has been stolen. This sets Bond and Eve Moneypenny ( Naomie Harris) on  mission to get it back. Bond has to recover that stolen hard drive from the killer as it has the names of NATO agents in it. The political pressures fall over agent M after releasing of 5 agents names over Internet and more to be released next week. Bond goes on his journey to Shanghai, China where he finds someone from past of agent M. There Bond meets Sévérine (Bérénice Marlohe) who takes him to the man from agent M's past, Raoul Silver ( Javier Bardem). Silver  wants to take revenge from agent M because of his mis treatment by Chinese and he thinks it was because of  M. But some how bond arrests Silver and brings him back to UK. Download Skyfall and see how Silver escapes from the headquarters and comes back to take his revenge from M which he was waiting since long. Find out if Bond will manage to save agent M and stop Silver in getting successful in his task.

The past of M comes out to haunt her and bond is the most loyal person to M, and now his loyalty is tested. And now MI6 is attacked by someone. Bond has to now track the threat and hunt him down. But someone very close to bond may prove to be involved in it. He have to sacrifice even his closed one for his loyalty towards his work.

Bond is one of the members of a law enforcement agency, MI6. He has been fighting for his country and sometimes for his organization, as well. He has accomplished all those missions, which were considered impossible by others. He is not only a brave agent, but a smart one as well. But now, he had to fight for his organization, and for a girl, M. M had a dark past, which was not known to anyone. One day, that secret pushed her life in a serious problem. While on the other side, someone attacked MI6 and wanted to destroy the entire agency. So now, Bond has to save the organization at any cost plus, he also has to save the life of that girl. Bond, with the help of fully equipped gadgets, tries to locate the man, who attacked MI6. Would he be able to save the life of that girl? Will he save his organization from being destroyed?

Official Website:-

Country:- USA

Language:- English

Distributed by:- Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Columbia Pictures

Studio:- Eon Productions, Danjaq LLC

Watch Wreck-It Ralph Online full Streaming Quality

Posted by Admin Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Movie Name:- Wreck-It Ralph

Release Date:- 2 November 2012 (USA)

Directed By:- Rich Moore

Genres/Category:- Animation | Comedy | Family

Screenwriter :- Jennifer Lee | Phil Johnston

Produced by:- Clark Spencer

Running time:- 108 Minutes

Star Cast:- John C. Reilly, Jack McBrayer and Jane Lynch

IMDB Rating:- 7.7

Wreck-It Ralph Movie Plot:- Wreck-it Ralph is an animation comedy film directed by Rich Moore. Film tells the story of the Villain in the video game world who wants to change himself. He now wants to become a hero from a villain but his journey of self-transformation brings a storm in the world where he lives. Watch Wreck-it Ralph online and see Wreck-it Ralph ( Voice of John C. Reilly)  who has a desire to be loved as the good guy Fix-it Felix ( Voice of Jack McBrayer) in the game. But he has a problem with him and the problem is no body loves a bad guy like him. Because Ralph being a bad guy destroys the building which Felix fixes. Now Ralph wants to prove himself that he can also be a good hero as he is now tired of being a bad guy. To become a good guy Ralph escapes from his world and goes into the other arcade world known as Hero's Duty , which is a light gun shooter game. In his new world Ralph, now helps the game's hero Sergeant Calhoun ( Voice of Jane Lynch) to battle against the alien invaders in the game “Cy-bugs”. There Ralph again wrecks everything and unwillingly releases as a bad guy who becomes threat for the entire game arcade After this he goes to another world known as Sugar rush , a cart racing game and meets the characters of the game Vanellope von Schweetz ( Voice of Sarah Silverman). Download Wreck-it Ralph to see if Ralph will be able to save the game arcade from the threat he unleashed and whereas trouble making girl Vanellope who might can show how to become a goof guy.

Ralph a bad guy character in a video game wishes to be a good guy and enters into another game, first he won a medal in the game but then wrecks everything and unleashes a villain that fears full arcade, only hope now is Vanellope, only he can teach how to be a good guy. But can Ralph be the one and be able to stop the evil before game over.

What happens when evil wants to be evil no more? That is what the plotline of this movie is all about. There was a guy in a video game, whose character was of a bad person. But he discovered people only loving his opponent- the good guy. Added to that, at the end of the game, the good guy win, and he loses, no matter how powerful he is. So, he decided to change his image and become the good guy. For this sake, he decides that he must fight against the bad guys. But he was the only bad guy. So now, he starts searching for other villains in the game and releases them all. After freeing the villain, he finds that he has done a mistake because it was not as easy as he thought to catch them all. To make his image of a hero, he must capture all those villains. Will he be able to capture those bad guys and get what he wanted?

Official Website:-

Country:- USA

Language:- English

Distributed by:- Walt Disney Pictures

Studio:- Walt Disney Animation Studios