Movie Name:- Snow White and the Huntsman

Release Date:- 1 June 2012 (USA)

Directed By:- Rupert Sanders

Genres / Category:- Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

Written by:- Evan Daugherty, John Lee Hancock

Running time:- 127 Minutes

IMDB Rating:- N/R

Starring:- Kristen Stewart,Chris Hemsworth,Charlize Theron,Toby Jones.


Snow White and the Huntsman Movie Plot:- Have you ever imagined a fairy tale which is not so fairy and childlike, watch Snow White and the Huntsman online and you will witness a very different take on this classic fairytale. Rupert Sanders is the director of this unusual film with a gripping plot. The film is set in the Dark Ages, in that time one particular most of the European kingdoms and that one kingdom is ruled by Queen Ravenna. She is known to be extremely ruthless and cannot stand or see anything which is in front of her. Watch full Snow White and the Huntsman as Queen Ravenna has set her eyes on the Kingdom of England wants it to become a part of her empire at any cost. Through mystical sources, the ruthless Queen comes to know that her step daughter Snow White is soon going to surpass her in terms of beauty as she is going to be the ‘Fairest One of All’. In fact the ever so beautiful Snow White is also going to rule the kingdom very soon. This is when Magic Mirror comes to Queen’s aid with his expert advices and tells her that the only way to get rid of her is by giving the responsibility to a Huntsman. Also, the Magic Mirror tell her that she is supposed to eat Snow White’s heart and then she will have immortality and beauty like no other girl on planet earth. In the meantime, Snow White runs off in the Dark Forest and Ravenna wants her at any cost. Not anyone and everyone can go in the Dark Forest; she hires a Huntsman named Eric as he is aware of the forest. But he in place of capturing her, teaches her the art of war and with the help of eight dwarves, Prince William and the knights from England she embarks on a journey to end the rule of her evil stepmother. Download Snow White and the Huntsman and witness this new age take of the classic tale.

The fairy tale of a Snow White and the seven dwarfs has always received a fanciful and fantasy treatment. For the first time in the history of cinema, the film is being given a deadly and thrilling twist, more like a horror. The enchanting story is being given a contemporary appeal with events that may resemble like a battle and war. Download Snow White and the Huntsman to witness the newness in the story that is going to appeal to the adults who shun them to be childlike full of whims and fancies. Snow White this time is going to adorn the battle to avenge the wrath of the wicked Queen who has made her the subject of her jealousy and malevolent intentions. Watch Snow White and the Huntsman online trailers to ensure it is everything that an adult would want in the name of fantasy. In this version of the fairy tale, the timid Snow White will collaborate with a stern Huntsman who was in real hired to kill the day by day growing beauty Snow White. The Queen of the kingdom is a fiendish woman and believes that she is the fairest woman in her kingdom until she learns about ever growing beauty of Snow White. All she desires is immortality and that she believes she can do by eating the heart of the girl. The girl is abandoned in the dark forest where the huntsman in sent to kill her. But upon finding her he starts to train her to become a fighter so that both of them can seek revenge and rid the kingdom of Queen’s inequity. In the meantime, Snow White, like always finds her prince charming who she spellbound with her beauty.

Country:- USA

Language:- English

Production Company:- Roth Films, Universal Pictures

Distributed by:- Universal Pictures

Studio:- Roth Films

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