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Movie Name:- Battleship

Release Date:- 18 May 2012 (USA)

Directed By:- Peter Berg

Genres / Category:- Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Written by:- Erich Hoeber, Jon Hoeber

Produced by:- Peter Berg, Brian Goldner, Duncan Henderson, Bennett Schneir, Scott Stuber

Running time:- 131 Minutes

IMDB Rating:- 6.2

Starring:- Alexander Skarsgård, Brooklyn Decker, Liam Neeson ,Taylor Kitsch ,Rihanna ,Jesse Plemons ,Josh Pence ,Tadanobu Asano,John Bell.

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Battleship Movie:- We all have played the epic board game Battleship many times with our buddies. But have your imagined that one day a filmmaker would come and create something based on that popular board game. Well, Battleship is a movie which is inspired by the game, but you will be amazed to see that how creatively the director has taken the inspiration. No one would have ever imagined of coming up with a gripping plot based on that silly game. The cleverly crafted film comes with an intelligent script that involves alien invasion. Watch Battleship online to find out how difficult it is for naval fleet to battle with something like an alien invasion. Hawaiian Islands is known for its scenic beaches and lovely weather but this time the problem is a little different as the scenic beauty of Hawaii is in danger in fact the whole world is in danger because an alien ship has and it is filled with The Regents or evil aliens and they want to destroy earth. Also the Regents want to suck all the power from the ocean and use it for their use. But when they visit the planet they are given a cold welcome and all they can do is snatch from the inhabitants of Earth what is theirs. The intention of the film is to show both the sides of the story both the alien point of view as well what human feels about the alleged act. The idea of showcasing both the sides is to enable the audience to see where the enemy ship is and what their next move is. Download Battleship and enjoy all the action at your own convenience.

The board game that has literally ruled our childhood is Battleship. We have fond memories of playing this game with friends and siblings and we used to play for hours and hours, make strategies to sink the ship of the opponent. A filmmaker decided to come up with a film that is based on this epic board game and without a doubt it is going to be larger than life. The director has creatively thought about the whole idea and came up with this splendid concept of making the film based on the game. Watch full Battleship and find out that what happens when a naval fleet is asked to deal with something like an alien attack. Download Battleship and you would be transported to the lovely land of Hawaii but this time you won’t be enjoying picturesque islands but something different like a battle. The Regents have decided to attack earth, Regents are malign aliens with evil intentions they wish to take the power from the ocean for their own purpose and leave planet earth to die. The intent of the director is to show the war from both the sides so that the audiences would have a wide picture of the battle. Watch Battleship online and relive the days when we used to sink our friend’s ships or fleets and jump in the air.

Country:- USA

Language:- English

Production Company:- Battleship Delta Productions, Bluegrass Films, Film 44

Distributed by:- Universal Pictures

Studio:- Hasbro, Bluegrass Films, Film 44, Hasbro Studios

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